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Credit Card Issues

Recently, credit card companies and other financial institutes have been unfairly pursuing many customers and non-costumers for the smallest oversights. They often charge exorbitant fees and penalties. Sometimes allowed by unfair laws that they have paid their lobbyists to push through; sometimes these charges are improper and may not be allowed to make these charges in your jurisdiction.

Your debt may have been bought by 3rd and 4th parties. It is important that these companies or forced to substantiate their charges. We can help you with this. We have many years and battles dealing with this.
If you are suffering from harassment because of a fraudulent credit card charge or a credit card bill which is false or misrepresented, we can represent you. We can assert your rights and help avoid further damage.

Although some credit card disputes may be resolved by calling the credit card company and giving them the correct information about a charge or a balance, there are other circumstances where all attempts are unsuccessful. Whether you need legal counsel to challenge a vendor's charge or you need an attorney to help you deal with the credit card company, we can help you. Because these matters can easily become highly complex and costly if not handled properly, and involving an experienced lawyer early on can help you avoid a great deal of headache.

Avoiding Credit Card Disputes

There are particular actions you can take which may be able to help you avoid a dispute in the first place, or which can assist your lawyer in reaching a positive outcome if you do end up facing a credit card dispute:

  • 1. Put everything in writing
  • 2. Keep all receipts.
  • 3. Keep all promises from the vendor, credit card company, and any other interested party in writing for future access, if needed.
  • 4. Don't hesitate to involve a lawyer if you feel that you are in danger of losing money over a credit card dispute. At the very least, a lawyer can take preventative measures to help ensure the situation does not get out of hand.

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Credit Bureau Problems? An attorney can help.

A credit report will affect a consumer in a number of ways, impacting his or her ability to obtain certain loans or to be approved to purchase a home, purchase or lease a car, rent an apartment, and the list goes on. When a credit bureau is inaccurately representing your information on your credit report and you are being negatively affected as a result, we can help you. Our legal team is extremely knowledgeable and offers dedicated legal counsel that addresses our clients' particular needs and concerns.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a Federal statute, a consumer has the right to make a legal claim against and sue credit reporting agencies, debt collectors or creditors who falsely report their information. If a credit bureau has falsely reported your information, a lawyer at our firm can discuss this matter with you and determine what to do.

Dealing With Credit Bureaus on Your Behalf

Equifax, Experian and Transunion are the three credit bureaus which are responsible for reporting debtors' creditworthiness to banks and other companies the debtor may wish to open an account with or purchase a product from. If you are experiencing a problem, new or ongoing, regarding your credit report with any one or more of these agencies, we can help you. We represent clients throughout California in these matters and can use our experience and knowledge in this field to assert your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act or any other federal or state law which may apply.

We represent consumers who have problems with their credit reports. This includes consumers whose credit reports are inaccurate because the credit bureaus are mixing their file with someone else’s file, victims of identity theft and other inaccuracies. Some consumer’s files are inaccurate because debt collectors have “re-aged” old debts they stay on the consumers’ credit reports long after they should have been removed. Others are inaccurate because the reporting agency has misread court record, or is confusing the consumer with someone who has a criminal record.

We also represent consumers who have complaints that their credit reports have been obtained and used by persons who do not have a legal right to look at their reports. Looking at a consumer’s credit report without their permission and without a legal “permissible purpose” is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and an invasion of the consumer’s privacy.

Under the FCRA, if the plaintiff wins the case, the defendants that violated the FCRA must pay their fees and costs.

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